Volunteers Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinators

TRADITIONAL volunteer roles (in-person & pre-pandemic)
 1. The Heart Beat newsletter - Faye Nelson
 2. Sunday Service Team - Mary Kopet and Rev Ray Nelson
 3. Platform assistant schedule & script - Mary Kopet
 4. Music - Mary Kopet
 5. Ushers - Larry Hampel
 6. Prayer Team - Warren Wolfe
 7. Prayer Chaplains - Warren Wolfe
 8. Collection basket post-service process (Board members)
      a. prepping & making bank deposits,
      b. signing and distributing checks
 9. Mobile library coordinator (not operating currently) - Peggy George
10. Sunday Fellowship (not operating currently due to Covid-19 protocols)
11. Prepare coffee - Greg LaFavor (not operating currently due to Covid-19 protocols)
12. Treats -  (not operating currently due to Covid-19 protocols)
13. UITH Growth (not operating currently) - Dawn Metcalf (pre-pandemic)
14. Monitor phone & gmail account & respond - Mary Kopet 
15. Temple Liaison - Judy Gustafson
NEW online volunteer roles since March 2020
1.  Zoom Communications - Sheryl Fairbanks (Lead)
      a. Sunday Fellowship - Sheryl Fairbanks & Warren Wolfe
      b. Meditation & Prayer (Monthly) - Rev. Ray Nelson
2.  Unityintheheart.org website - Sheryl Fairbanks (Lead)
      a. updates & maintenance (Weekly) (Also Facebook & Youtube accounts)
      b. electronic donation installation & maintenance
      c. church name rebranding to Unity in the Heart of St. Paul
      d. software upgrade (one time Drupal 7 to Drupal 9)
3.  Staying Connected... Unity in the Heart Prayer Chaplains - Warren Wolfe
4.  Live Stream camera operations - David Barrett (Lead)
5.  Sunday Service space manager - Mary Kopet (Lead)
      a. online UITH sign,
      b. piano, 
      c. podium,
      d. flowers,
      f. Covid-19 instruction & directional signage, etc., 
      g. masks & hand sanitizer