UITH COVID-19 Protocols - "What You Need to Know"

In-person at Unity in the Heart
Covid-19 Protocols - "What You Need to Know"
Masks are optional starting May 1, 2022 when attending in-person activities,
including our Sunday Service.
Service Team:
Our Service Team will be unmasked during the performance of their duties - singing and speaking.
Social Distancing:
We do not have any social distancing requirement, although our chairs will be arranged spaciously.
Fortunately, our sanctuary is large enough to provide ample space.
We will have "Enter" and "Exit" signs posted to facilitate traffic flow
and minimize congestion.
Person-to-Person Contact:
Please, check with one another as to comfort with hugs, handshakes,   
elbow bumps, or any form of physical contact.
Please, be straightforward about whatever form of greeting is most         
comfortable for you.
Group singing is allowed, when wearing a mask.
We will not be serving any food or beverages at this time.
Please, feel free to bring you own bottle of water or other beverage,
if desired.
Youth Education:
We will not be resuming our Sunday School program at this time,
but hope to later in the year .
We are committed to creating a safe, welcoming environment and
a meaningful spiritual experience during our Sunday Service.
We are eager to have you join us when the time is right for you.
We extend to all of you our heartfelt gratitude for your involvement and support during this unusual time.
We surround you with our love and blessings, as we move into a new future together.
Unity in the Heart
Board of Trustees
We are now Live Streaming our Service
on Sunday mornings 
Service Time – 10:30 AM
To access our Sunday Service 
  Go to:  unityintheheart.org
              Click: “Online Service & E-donate
 Follow prompts to view the service on You Tube or Face Book
11:30 am- Zoom Fellowship after Sunday Service retired April 23, 2023 after 2 1/2 years. 

Thank you for joining us!