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Unity in the Heart Guest Speakers 2020

Virtual Service at 10:30 AM.   Why? Co-Vid-19 

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We are a community of spirit, whether in-person or virtual, join with one another in worship and spiritual growth.

Starting in January while we call for our new minister, we qre being blessed with several inspiring Guest Speakers.

June - Virtual Services

  • Jun    6 - Leader: Rev. Phil Smedstad "Grief, Loss and Beyond" Zoom Workshop (Sat 9-9:45a)
  • Jun    7 - Speaker:  Rev Ray Nelson -    Talk Title: “What Can I Do?”
  • Jun  14 - Speaker:  LUT Barbara Crist - Talk Title: “Wisdom is something we all hope to have.”
  • Jun  21 - Speaker:  Rev Laurie Brandt - Talk Title: “What Lies Within?”    Happy Fathers' Day!!!
  • Jun  28 - Speaker:  Rev Laurie Brandt - Talk Title: “TBA 

May - Virtual Services

  • May   3 - Speaker:  Jim Ernstsen - Talk Title: “Serving from a Social Distance”
  • May 10 - Speaker:  Lisa Herklotz - Talk Title: “Honoring the Feminine”    Happy Mother's Day!
  • May 17 - Speaker:  Rev. Laurie Brandt - Talk Title: “Loss, Grief, and Healing”
  • May 24 - Speaker:  Ellie Peterson - Talk Title:  “Your Becoming Journey:  A Time to Grow”
  • May 30 - Prayer Chaplains:  Sheryl Fairbanks & Warren Wolfe - Zoom Healing Circle (Sat 10-11a)
  • May 31 - Speaker:  Rev. Phil Smedstad - Talk Title: “Finding God in this Pandemic”

April - Virtual Services

  • Apr     5 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “Heaven in One Word” concludes "Handbook to Heaven" series
  • Apr   12 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “Behold the Risen Christ”   Happy Easter!
  • Apr   19 - Rev. Ray Nelson - Talk Title: “Resurrection - Now What?”
  • Apr   26 - Rev. Laurie Brandt - Talk Title: “How to Use Your Twelve Powers with Coronavirus"

March – Podcast & Virtual Services (Began March 22)

  • Mar    1 – 22 - Rev. Jim Fisher's series on his unpublished e-book, "Handbook to Heaven"
    • Mar    1 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “Heavenly Changes”
    • Mar    9 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “Heavenly Experience Through Openness and Commitment”
    • Mar  15 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “Fishing for Heaven”
    • Mar  22 - Rev. Jim Fisher - Talk Title: “???” (First Virtual Sunday Service)
  • Mar  29 - Lisa Herklotz – Talk Title: “Stress, Surrender, Serenity”

February - Podcasts

  • Feb.   2 -16 - Rev. Jim Fisher will begin a series based on his unpublished e-book: "Handbook to Heaven".
  • (Book Offer (FREE):   If anyone would like a copy of Rev. Jim's e-book, please contact him at and he will e-mail it to you )
  • Feb. 23 - Rev. Ray Nelson - “Letting go of magic thinking - The feeding of the five thousand.

January - Podcasts

  • Jan     5 - Lisa Herklotz - White Stone Ceremony
  • Jan   12 - Rev. Tim Tengblad - “Beatitudes of Jesus (Aramaic translation)”
  • Jan   19 - Rev. Richard Kiefer - “A Billionaire’s Soulful Words of Wisdom”
  • Jan   26 - Rev. Phil Smedstad - “The Greatest Love of All”


Rev. Sher McNeal, Interim Minister (2018-2019) - Thank-you for two great years.

Daniel Abdon, Music Director

Daniel Abdon, our Music Director previously was associated with Unity in the Heart for over ten years as a regular guest musician. Before that, Daniel booked guest music and directed the choir at Unity in the Valley, in Savage, MN. Daniel freelances as a private piano and voice teacher all over the greater Metro area, and works in the Early Childhood Music department at MacPhail Center for Music. Over the past twelve years, Daniel has also worked as a classroom teacher at all three Waldorf schools in the Twin Cities.  In addition to his teaching roles, Daniel sings with an international music ministry vocal ensemble called S.T.A.R.S. (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls.) Daniel holds a B.F.A. in Musical Theater from Webster University in St. Louis. Daniel can be contacted at

Dennis Curley, Pianist / Musician

At Unity in the Heart, we count ourselves blessed to have Dennis Curley as our regular Sunday accompanist and frequent soloist.  Dennis is a native of Syracuse, NY, and a graduate of Northwestern University (Evanston, IL).  A major player in the Twin City music scene, he is a gifted pianist and vocalist.  He has composed, directed and performed in a wide variety of musical and theatrical productions ranging from the spiritual to the secular.  Dennis has also taught musical improv classes for the Brave New Workshop and is co-founder and executive producer of Table Salt Productions. You can find the details of his musical and theatrical accomplishments at

Stasi Anderson, Sunday School Coordinator

No Sunday School during CoVid-19 pandemic.

We are delighted to have as the Sunday School Coordinator Stasi Anderson. She teaches Sunday lessons. The classes are small assuring each child of one-on-one attention as they learn Unity ideas at a level appropriate for their age.

 No Sunday school because of COVID-19 until further notice. (Our Sunday School program is offered each Sunday at 10:30 am.)