UITH Vision, Mission and Values

During spring 2017 we began a mindful, planned process to let go of what had been and to open ourselves up to what will be. Under Rev. Phil Smedstad’s direction, we embarked on a series of workshops to grow our spiritual maturity, develop our emotional IQs, and build a vision for the future of Unity in the Heart. With more than 25 voices over 25 hours we built our new mission statement, and reaffirmed our vision and core values.

Our Vision

   Led by spirit, we recognize God within everyone as we co-create infinite love, peace and abundance in our global community.

Our Mission

Unity in the Heart is a vibrant spiritual community that inspires personal transformation through the experience and expression of God within, and the healing power of authentic community.


Our Values

   Everyone Expresses God.

   We are:

  • Spirit-centered

  • Welcoming

  • Inclusive

  • Loving

  • Relevant