"Gentle Crossings, A Good Death” In-person only

Join us for an enlightening experience!

"Gentle Crossings - A Good Death”
 Presented by Rev. Laurie Brandt
Sundays at 12:00 - 2:00 PM starting February 11 thru  March 3

This four-part workshop is about bringing insight and understanding to the subject of death. 

In a safe and supportive environment, we’ll explore our beliefs, fears and questions about dying. 

We’ll learn how to be there for a loved one as they leave their earthly bodies. 

We’ll consider the question “how can I prepare for my own death?” as well as what’s next after life on earth. 

Death isn’t nearly so scary once we’ve unwrapped the topic, explored our thoughts and discussed the subject openly.

Four Sundays beginning February 11 at 12 noon. 

Feel free to bring a snack or lunch for after the service, then engage in this dynamic workshop, 

Love offerings truthfully accepted.