Social Action

Social action is an important part of our personal and spiritual journey.  Recognizing how richly we are blessed, we give from a sense of gratitude and abundance as we share our time, talents and prosperity through carefully vetted, highly rated charitable organizations.

For many years we have supported the local Keystone Food Shelf with monthly monitary gifts.  We also periodically participate in food drives for their benefit.  

Feed My Starving Children is another charity we support, volunteering at the Eagan location several times each year to help package food for shipment around the world.

Each holiday season we partner with Catholic Charities, sponsoring a family to receive lovingly selected Christmas gifts through our Angel Tree Program.

Because we are a tithing community, we give back to those organizations that spiritually feed us.  Included among those we support with our tithes and offerings are Unity Worldwide Ministries and Silent Unity Prayer Ministry. 

Opportunities to give of your time and talent are listed under Upcoming Events.


Once again our spiritual community stepped out in faith with open hearts to generate support for those driven from their Syrian homes by war.  The generosity and creativity on display at Unity in the Heart is exciting.  With joy and enthusiasm abounding, together we raised nearly $1,500!!!!!   

Where’s our wealth and generosity going?  The International Rescue Committee.  Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC delivers lifesaving care to people fleeing conflict and natural disaster. It is one of the highest-ranking nonprofits for accountability, transparency, and efficient use of contributions, with 93% of contributions going directly to those we seek to aid.  The IRC is currently working in over 40 counties and 22 US cities where it resettles refugees and helps them become self-sufficient.  

“As we give, so also we receive.”  Beyond the joy of giving and engaging creatively with each other, we are now open and receptive to more good flowing into our lives.  Thank you, God!  And many thanks to Faye Nelson for inspiring this fundraiser and serving as master coordinator.  Faye, you bless us all!