Annual Mtg - In-person & Online - then Fall Picnic at Newell Park

UITH 2023 Annual Community Meeting    (Hybrid = In-person & online via ZOOM)

on Sunday, Sept 10  immediately following service.

Meeting will be held in the main Temple area and 

  via Zoom to allow participation by all.

Please, join us with your ideas and suggestions.

All are welcome    and   encouraged to attend both events !!!


Our Fall Pot-luck Picnic will follow at Newell Park,

at the corner of Fairview Ave. and Pierce Butler.

What is provided:
Bottled water, plates, napkins, and silverware.


What to bring:
     Your own lunch, if you to prefer to supply your own food, and/or,
     A dish to share with the group – all offerings gratefully accepted.


To join the Zoom Annual Community Meeting, click this link or copy and paste it into your browser:

     By computer or smartphone:

           Click on

     By phone (audio only)  

           Dial  +1 312 626 6799   (You will be prompted to enter)   Meeting ID: 814 6845 5101 #  Participant ID: # Password: 057050 #

Note:  If this is your first time, you may be asked to download the Zoom client.

           Just follow the directions. We are all learning this together.

     If you are joining via smartphone, iPhone or iPad,

     have a copy of the Meeting ID handy.

     You may be asked to type it in. The Zoom clients are slightly different.


Hybrid Meeting Best Practices

A hybrid meeting is a meeting where some of the participants join in person from a physical site, while others join remotely via videoconferencing.

See the tips and best practices for how to get the most out of our hybrid meetings.

This is a well presented, concise and comprehensive information page on hybrid meeting best practices for all parties in the meeting

from the University of Michigan.

Click on:

Most important -- only one person speaks at a time and is heard by all, whether in person or remote.

Note: For further education on best practices you  may explore YouTube videos and other sites who share their best practices.


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Thank you for joining us!

Event Date: 
Sunday, September 10, 2023 - 11:30am
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