September Message and Affirmation

September Greetings!

September 14 is Unity World Day of Prayer. This year’s theme is “Peace in the Midst.” The goal is to cultivate inner peace and explore meaningful ways to carry peace into the world for greater harmony and healing.

There are many distractions in our daily lives that take us away from inner peace: schedules, cell phones, emails, news updates, and the list goes on. Often inner peace eludes us the minute after we wake up until we go to bed again. Where can we turn for more calm from the challenges we face?

A daily meditation practice is imperative to give pause to the busyness of life. It provides the groundwork for a spiritual practice that sustains us. However, sometimes in spite of having the groundwork, challenges come up that require an immediate response to help us manage in the moment.

Tezekiah Gabriel, did a HeartMath Model workshop at Unity in the Heart in August. This model recognizes the physical heart-brain connection and success that it can have in resilience and self-regulation. Tez described it as a way to get ‘inner peace on the go’. Not surprisingly, it involves using breath to calm and refocus in order to experience coherence. It fits well into a busy schedule because it only takes awareness and willingness to focus to give an immediate response. The literature and research by authors around this model are fascinating and also advance the goal of world peace.

One of the Unity World Day of Prayer pamphlets shared Interfaith Prayers for peace. The following is an excerpt from a New Thought – Agape prayer: “In this very moment, I declare my trust in the Great Law of Life governing the universe. I honor the God-infused Essence that is my life and the life of all beings as it announces from the depth of my being…..It is from this conscious connectedness that I pray, calling for the perfect peace that passes all understanding.”

Blessings to all for peace in the moments of your day.

~ Twyla Anderson
on behalf of
The Leadership Circle



God has given me a spirit of love, serenity, joy and contentment. All is well with me. God has given these same gifts to each person on earth. I am at peace. We are all at peace.