Mission, Vision and Core Values Class

Mission, Vision and Core Values Class

September 30, 10am-4pm

Ministries thrive when they are clear about who they are, who they serve and where they are going. Join us for the six-hour day of discernment and discovery as together we create our new vision and mission statements and our new core values.
The next step towards selecting a new minister for our community relies on our clarity about the future we want to experience, the way we want to make decisions, and the commitment to “walk our talk” – demonstrate our core values.

Join us for this six-hour day of discernment and discovery, as together, we create our new Vision and Mission statements and our new Core Values.

If you think of yourself as a part of this spiritual community, make sure to join us so that your voice is heard as we let Spirit reveal through all of us what It is calling us to be as we go forward.

Led by Rev. Phillip Smedstad, our Certified Transitional Ministry Consultant.


Please sign up by contacting  michael.babler20@gmail.com or speak to any Leadership Circle member.

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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