What if you knew, keenly knew, that no one and nothing is against you? Join us on May 7 for Part II of a workshop that will help you:
• Celebrate the magnificent self that you are
• Deeply experience of your power of creation

and how you create every experience in your life
• Release painful patterns from your life
• Learn to become more comfortable in the presence of disagreements and conflicts in your life

Feel free to attend Part II even if you missed Part 1. These workshops are based on the book by G. Simmons “The I of the Storm” and will include lecture, discussion and gentle exercises. Rev. Phil will facilitate these sessions. He has led hundreds of workshops on personal transformation during the last 35 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as compassion, acceptance, and a sense of humor to his classes. Several people have read the book and declare it to be a turning point in the maturing of personal spirituality.

Join us 12:00 – 3:00 on Sunday, May 7. A light lunch will be served after Sunday services and then the workshops will begin.


May Sunday Service Changes

Sunday Services 10:30 am

This month we initiate some changes to the order of events during the service. These changes are based on feedback from our congregants and guests. There will be more emphasis on prayer during the heart of the service, and more opportunities for congregants to focus on their prayer needs that Sunday. The Leadership Circle also hopes these changes help newcomers feel more welcome and relaxed. Let’s all give these small changes a couple of Sundays to “feel them out”. Then be sure to tell Leadership Circle members if the changes have helped you have a more meaningful experience at Unity in the Heart.